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Microsoft Azure Blob Integration

Microsoft Azure Blob is Microsoft's cloud storage service, an alternative to S3.

Windmill for data pipelines

You can link a Windmill workspace to an Azure Blob storage account and use it as source and/or target of your processing steps seamlessly, without any boilerplate.

See Windmill for data pipelines for more details.

To integrate Microsoft Azure Blob Storage to Windmill, you need to save the following elements as a resource.

PropertyTypeDescriptionDefaultRequiredWhere to FindAdditional Details
accountNamestringAzure Account NametrueAzure Portal > Storage accountName of the Storage Account
containerNamestringName of the container holding the datatrueAzure Portal > Storage account > ContainersEach storage account can have multiple containers. Choose one to plug to use inside Windmill
useSSLbooleanUse SSL for connectionstruetrueWhether the endpoint is using HTTPS or HTTPUnless you're hosting you own Blob storage, the ones hosted on Azure all uses HTTPS
endPointstringAzure Blob Storage endpointfalseThe endpoint of Azure's Blob storageunless you're hosting your own Blob Storage or using proxies, this can be left empty
accessKeystringAzure Blob Access KeyfalseAzure Portal > Storage account > Access KeysAccess Key to use to authenticate API calls