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Audit Logs

Windmill provides audit logs for every operation and action that has side-effects. These logs capture the user responsible for the operation and include metadata specific to the type of operation.

As a user, you can only see your own audit logs unless you are an admin.

Audit Logs can be filtered by Date, Username, Action (Create, Update, Delete, Execute), and specific Operation. The Runs menu is another feature that allows you to visualise all past and future runs.

Retention Policy

For self-hosted Windmill instances, you can set the retention period via instance settings, accessible in the top right corner of the workspace settings. Instance settings are accessible only to superadmins. Audit logs are maintained in Postgres and output to the FileSystem as logs.

On Windmill's cloud service, audit log retention varies by plan:

  • Community plan: Audit logs are redacted.
  • Team plan (cloud): Retained for 7 days.
  • Enterprise plan (cloud): Kept for 60 days, with logs stored in Postgres and the cloud for up to a year, extendable upon request.

Viewing Jobs metadata from the Audit Logs

You can retrieve the job ID from the job and then access all the job metadata, including the job arguments by fetching the information from the job itself which is stored for as long as the configured retention period.

Backing Up Audit Logs

To back up the audit logs, simply backup the Postgres database or store the logs in a cold archive. In the cloud environment, we employ both methods for backup.