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Getting Started with Windmill

Windmill is a fast, open-source workflow engine and developer platform. It's an alternative to the likes of Retool, Superblocks, n8n, Airflow, and Temporal, designed to build comprehensive internal tools (endpoints, workflows, UIs). It supports coding in TypeScript, Python, Go, PHP, Bash, SQL, or any Docker image, alongside intuitive low-code builders.

Choose Your Setup

Windmill Cloud

Quickly get started with our Cloud App, no credit card required. Sign up using GitHub, GitLab, Google, or Microsoft SSO. Start with 1,000 monthly executions on our Community Plan, and easily upgrade for more. Start with Windmill Cloud.

Self-Hosting Windmill

For full control over your infrastructure, self-host Windmill using our helm charts for Kubernetes or docker-compose for simpler setups. Learn how to self-host Windmill.

Development Options

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Windmill supports development directly within its built-in IDE, tailored for creating scripts, workflows, and UIs efficiently.

Local Development

Prefer your own setup? No problem. Windmill integrates smoothly with local environments, including a VS Code extension and tools for Git-based deployment to production. Explore local development options.

Ready to Deploy?

Move from staging to production seamlessly with Windmill's deployment guides, ensuring your projects are production-ready. Deploy to production.