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Contributor Guide

Getting started

First, thank you for showing interest in contributing to Windmill.

You can contribute to Windmill in three ways:

The best way to share what you created on Windmill with the community, is to submit it on Windmill Hub. If the submission meets our quality standards, they get approved, and become available for anyone to use directly from their instance of Windmill. For this use case, please refer to the Share on Windmill Hub guide.

If you want to contribute to the Windmill codebase itself, you can do so by opening a PR on our GitHub. If you have a bug to report or want to request a feature, you can always create a new issue.

In case you found a typo, something incorrect or just unclear in the documentation, please create a new issue in the Windmill Docs repository. PRs are also welcome!

Add new OAuth provider

To add a new OAuth provider, open a Pull Request to add a new item to: backend/oauth_connect.json.

The format is as follows:

"<name_of_resource_type_for_integration>": {
"auth_url": "<auth_url>",
"token_url": "<token_url>",
"scopes": <the list of default scopes to suggest by default>,
"extra_params": {
"<key>": "<val>",

Where extra_params is an escape hatch to deal with OAuth provider that need some extra fields to be passed along to the authorization URL.

You can iterate without requiring a dev setup. The item accepts an extra optional field: connect_config or login_config of type OAuthConfig:

interface OAuthConfig {
auth_url: string,
token_url: string,
userinfo_url?: string,
scopes?: string[],
extra_params?: Record<string, string>,
extra_params_callback?: Record<string, string>,
req_body_auth?: bool

connect_config is used for resources, and login_config for SSO.