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Mastodon Integration

Mastodon is an open-source, decentralized social network.

To integrate Mastodon to Windmill, you need to save the following elements as a resource.

Add Mastodon Resource

PropertyTypeDescriptionDefaultRequiredWhere to Find
baseUrlstringThe URL of the Mastodon instance (e.g., "")trueProvided by your Mastodon hosting provider or Mastodon instance URL for self-hosted instances
tokenstringAn access token to act as a logged-in userfalseMastodon > Preferences > Development > Your Applications > New Application > Generate access token

Your resource can be used passed as parameters or directly fetched within scripts, flows and apps.


Find some pre-set interactions with Mastodon on the Hub.

Feel free to create your own Mastodon scripts on Windmill.