APIs, workflows and UIs with Slack Windmill

APIs, workflows and UIs with Slack

Create workflows, data pipelines, endpoints or admin panels that interact with Slack.

Slack is a cloud-based team communication platform.

Connecting Windmill to Slack takes a few seconds and lets you build internal tools from it and integrate with any other platform.

From scripts supported in multiple languages, build UIs and flows that you can monitor and trigger on demand, by schedule or webhooks.


Scripts for Slack

Write any script, flow or app targeting Slack API, or pick them from Windmill Hub community library. Windmill supports scripts in TypeScript, Python, Go, PHP, Bash and SQL.

Send Message to Channel

Send a message in a given Slack channel.

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Send Direct Message

Send a direct Slack message to a user from email.

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List Conversation History

List conversation history in a given channel.

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Send Error to Slack Channel

Send a message on Slack when error in a Windmill workspace.

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Send App Report

Send screenshot of a given Windmill App to Slack.

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Respond to a Slack command

Build a Slackbot answering to /windmill command.

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