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TypeScript Client

The TypeScript client for Windmill allows you to interact with the Windmill platform using TypeScript in Deno / Bun runtime. This client provides a set of functions and utilities to access Windmill resources and perform various operations.


To use the TypeScript client, you need to have Deno or Bun installed on your system. Follow the installation instructions from the official Deno documentation or Bun documentation.

Once Deno/Bun is installed, you can import the windmill module directly from the Deno third-party module registry.

import * as wmill from 'npm:[email protected]';


The TypeScript client provides several functions that you can use to interact with the Windmill platform. Here's an example of how to use the client to get a resource from Windmill:

import * as wmill from 'npm:[email protected]';

export async function main() {
let x = await wmill.getResource('u/user/name');

In the example above, the getResource function is used to retrieve a resource with the path 'u/user/name' from the Windmill platform. The returned resource can be further processed or used as needed in your application.

For more details and documentation on the client, you can visit, although is not supported for actual package imports yet.