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Snowflake Integration

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform.

Windmill natively supports Snowflake scripts:

To integrate Snowflake with Windmill, you need to gather the following information and save it as a resource.

Add BigQuery Resource

PropertyTypeDescriptionDefaultRequiredWhere to Find
account_identifierstringSnowflake account identifiertrueSnowflake Console > Account > Account Info > Account Identifier
private_keystringSnowflake private keytrueSnowflake Console > Account > Security > RSA Key Pair
public_keystringSnowflake public keytrueSnowflake Console > Account > Security > RSA Key Pair
warehousestringSnowflake warehouse nametrueSnowflake Console > Warehouses
usernamestringSnowflake username for authenticationtrueSnowflake Console > Users and Security > Users
databasestringSnowflake database nametrueSnowflake Console > Databases
schemastringSnowflake schema nametrueSnowflake Console > Databases > [Your Database] > Schemas
rolestringSnowflake role for access controltrueSnowflake Console > Users and Security > Roles

Your resource can be used passed as parameters or directly fetched within scripts, flows and apps.


Find some pre-set interactions with Snowflake on the Hub.