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About Windmill

Windmill is an open-source platform to build internal tools from scripts and low code builders.

As a solution for building endpoints, workflows, and UIs, Windmill presents itself as an open-source alternative to Retool, Superblocks, n8n, Prefect, Airflow, or Temporal.

Windmill was founded in 2022 and is based between San Francisco and Paris.


Windmill is released under the AGPLv3 license. This means the software is free and open-source. If you make modifications and distribute them, you must also release those changes under the AGPLv3. Significantly, if you run a modified version of Windmill on a server and let others interact with it over a network, you are obligated to provide them a way to access the modified source code. This ensures the software remains transparent and free for all users, even when used in online applications.

For businesses or projects with specific requirements, a commercial license for Windmill is available under our Enterprise plan.

At last, Windmill offers white labeling capabilities, allowing you to provide Windmill's services and customized the platform to align with your brand.

Brand Assets

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