APIs, workflows and UIs with Supabase Windmill

APIs, workflows and UIs with Supabase

Create workflows, data pipelines, endpoints or admin panels that interact with Supabase.

Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative. It provides a Postgres database, Auth, and Storage.

Connecting Windmill to Supabase takes a few seconds and lets you build internal tools from it and integrate with any other platform.

From scripts supported in multiple languages, build UIs and flows that you can monitor and trigger on demand, by schedule or webhooks.

Windmill supports PostgreSQL queries directly in the UI.


Scripts for Supabase

Write any script, flow or app targeting Supabase API, or pick them from Windmill Hub community library. Windmill supports scripts in TypeScript, Python, Go, PHP, Bash and SQL.

Fetch data

Retrieve data from Supabase and use it in scripts or display it in a table.

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Insert data

Add new data to Supabase either manually or from external datasets.

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Preview event

Return a Supabase event.

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Authentificate to Supabase with e-mail and password.

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Update data

Update Supabase data after it was dealt with a script of flow.

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Delete data

Delete data on Supabase from Windmill.

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Windmill also supports PostgreSQL as a language. For Supabase, this means you can connect your database via the Postgres protocol and execute any SQL query from your internal tools.