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Airtable Integration

Airtable is a cloud collaboration platform for organizing and managing data.

There are two resources associated with Airtable. Both are required to use Airtable's API from Windmill.

Airtable Account

You'll need to land on Airtable's Developer hub from where click on "API key" and paste it on Windmill.

PropertyTypeDescriptionDefaultRequiredWhere to find
apiKeystringAirtable API keykeyXXXXXXXXXXXXXXtrueAirtable Account > API > Generate API Key

Airtable Table

Now specify Airtable which databse and table you want to interact with:

  • Database ID can be found on the the URL of the page. It starts with "app" and ends before the next "/". e.g. appcy7pfdzgJIhto.
  • Table name is the name of the tab. By default it is called "Table 1".
PropertyTypeDescriptionRequiredWhere to find
baseIdstringUnique identifier for a specific Airtable baseTruePage URL
tableNamestringName of an individual table within that baseTrueIn Airtable. Name of the tab of a database

Your resource can be used passed as parameters or directly fetched within scripts, flows and apps.


Find some pre-set interactions with Airtable on the Hub.

Feel free to create your own Airtable scripts on Windmill.