APIs, workflows and UIs with S3 Windmill

APIs, workflows and UIs with S3

Create workflows, data pipelines, endpoints or admin panels that interact with S3.

S3 is a scalable, high-speed, web-based cloud storage service designed for online backup and archiving of data and application programs.

Windmill comes with a native integration with S3 and Azure Blob to store large objects like files & binary data and use them in your scripts, flows and data pipelines.

You can also interact with S3 from scripts supported in multiple languages, build UIs and flows that you can monitor and trigger on demand, by schedule or webhooks.


Scripts for S3

Write any script, flow or app targeting S3 API, in TypeScript, Python, Go, Bash and SQL. Windmill has a built-in S3 integration to interact with S3 directly from your scripts.

Read a file from S3

Use Windmill embedded S3 integration to read a S3 file and explore bucket directly within script.

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Create file

Create a file in S3 and explore bucket thans to Windmill S3 integration.

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List objects in a bucket

List all objects in a bucket and return them as a list.

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Upload text in bucket

Upload text content at a given path in an s3 resource.

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Get object in bucket as text

Get object in bucket as text and return it as a string.

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Get recently updated objects

Trigger script to check for recently updated objects (to be used in a flow loop iterating on each new item).

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