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Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses.

Using emails to trigger scripts & flows

To trigger scripts and flows by emails using Mailchimp, refer to the Mailchimp Mandrill Integration for seamless integration.

To integrate Mailchimp to Windmill, you need to save the following elements as a resource.

Add Mailchimp Resource

PropertyTypeDescriptionDefaultRequiredWhere to Find
api_keystringMailchimp API keyfalseMailchimp > Account > Extras > API keys > Create A Key
serverstringThe data center for your Mailchimp account (e.g., us12)falseFound in your API key (e.g., "us12" in "123abc-us12")

Your resource can be used passed as parameters or directly fetched within scripts, flows and apps.


Find some pre-set interactions with Mailchimp on the Hub.

Feel free to create your own Mailchimp scripts on Windmill.