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Plans & How to Upgrade

Windmill provides a range of pricing plans for both Cloud and Self-hosted deployments. These plans are designed to accommodate individual users, small teams, and enterprise-level organizations, offering additional features, resources, enhanced capabilities, and premium support beyond the free tier. All details on the Pricing page.

Cloud Plans

All Windmill Cloud plans (Community, Team, Enterprise) have most of the Enterprise features. The only distinctions will be around the number of users, number of computations, audit logs retention period, support and some networks and security features.

All details on the Pricing page.

Self-Hosted Plans

Windmill is free and open source. If self-hosted, the number of executions will be unlimited. The Enterprise plan allows access to some useful features for the use of Windmill in a corporate use case, with technical and security specifics (Audit logs, S3 integration, Git Sync, Worker Groups Management UI).

The Pro plan contains the main Enterprise features. It is exclusively available to non-profits and companies with fewer than 10 employees and $250k in revenue.

We share our pricing grid and the features of each plan on the Pricing page in the most transparent way possible.

White Labeling Windmill

Windmill offers white labeling capabilities, allowing you to embed and customize the Windmill platform to align with your brand. We do provide a library to embed the entire Windmill app or specific components - such as the flow builder or the app builder - into your own application or website. This enables you to provide Windmill's services to your clients while maintaining your brand's identity.

For more information about white labeling and customization options, see:

How to Upgrade to Each Plan

Upgrading to Team Edition

Team plans work at the workspace-level.

  • To upgrade to the Team edition, navigate to your workspace on the Windmill Cloud platform.
  • Click on your username and select "Upgrade" from the options.
  • You will be redirected to the Workspace tab, where you can click on "Upgrade to the Team plan".
  • Follow the instructions to complete the upgrade process, which includes accessing the Stripe payment page.
  • The billing will be automatically adjusted based on the number of users/operators and computations.

Upgrading to Enterprise Edition


  • To upgrade your instance to the Enterprise Edition, please reach out to us via [email protected], Discord, or schedule a meeting.

  • Once you contact us, we will provide you with a secure payment link.

  • Upon payment, you will get access to a dedicated Windmill instance on the cloud.

  • As an Enterprise user, you will have access to detailed usage information and invoices through the Windmill billing portal where you can update plan usage and adjust the number of seats.

  • To have a fully Enterprise Edition Windmill, we recommend also setting up:


  • The subscription to the Enterprise Self-Host offer is done through a secure payment link, with a 1-month free trial.

  • You can reach out to us via [email protected], Discord, or schedule a meeting for an introduction session.

  • To have your instance switch from Community Edition to Enterprise Edition, you'll need to change the Windmill image:

  • If not done earlier, you can create your first workspace, but your instance will not have access to Enterprise features until the license key is passed.

  • Upon subscribing, we will get back to you with a license key to pass in the Instance Settings. The key will self-update every day at 2 a.m CET as long as the subscription is valid (being paid). A key is valid for 35 days.

  • To adjust the number of seats, you can update your usage on the subscription page at Windmill billing portal.

  • Windmill employs lightweight telemetry to automatically track and report the usage of vCPUs and seats for your subscription. We only count the vCPUs reported by your workers as being used. So you can simply set limits in the docker-compose.

  • To have a fully Enterprise Edition Windmill, we recommend also setting up:

  • As an Enterprise user, you will have access to detailed usage information and invoices through the Windmill billing portal.

Using the License Key (Self-Host)

To enable the license key, switch from the windmill image to the windmill-ee image in both the server and workers. From the Superadmin Settings, pass the license key, "Test key" and save settings.

Use license key

Windmill Customer Portal

As an Enterprise user, you will have access to detailed usage information and invoices through the Windmill Customer Portal. You can update contact information, billing details and subscription (seats & vCPUs) from the portal.

Access to the portal is made through either:

  • From your Instance Settings, in the "Core" tab. Where you can also renew your license key.
  • Through a direct link:, filling in the email address used for the subscription, and then accessing a link sent by email.

Email addresses can be added to the portal to allow multiple users to access it.

Custom link from the instance settings

Custom link from the instance settings.

You can also enable/disable any time automatic renewal and automatic debit (therefore payment by invoice).


As you can see, your usage is reported on the platform - basic metrics such as Seats & vCPUs are reported to Windmill. You can check whether your use of Windmill corresponds to your subscription, and report an error to Windmill if you wish.

This comparison is made only for your instance of Prod, for which you can find the Base URL. The other instances URLs are also shown.