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Windmill is an open-source, blazing fast and scalable alternative to Retool, Airplane, Superblocks, n8n, Airflow, Temporal to build all your internal tools (endpoints, workflows, UIs) through the combination of code (in Typescript, Python, Go, Bash, SQL or any docker image) and low code builders. It embeds all-in-one:

  • an execution runtime to execute functions at scale with low-latency and no overhead on a fleet of workers
  • an orchestrator to compose functions into powerful flows at low-latency built with a low-code builder (or yaml if that's your thing)
  • an app builder to build application and data-intensive dashboards built with low-code or JS frameworks such a React.

Windmill can be used solely from its UI through its webIDE, and low-code builders but it is also possible to keep using your editor and deploy from a git repo using a CLI.

Start building now using our Cloud App (no credit card required) or Self-Host yourself.

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Windmill is a feature-rich platform that allows you to build endpoints, cron jobs, workflows & UIs. Each of these features can be used standalone.

However the 3 core layers of Windmill, namely Scripts, Flows and Apps are complementary. Scripts are the smallest "unit" of abstraction: workflows and UIs all rely on them.

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