Skip to main content Integration is an open-source cloud database platform that provides fully managed PostgreSQL databases with high availability and scalability.

As a Postgres database service provider, follows the regular Postgres protocol and therefore can be integrated as any PostgreSQL resource.

  1. Sign-up to Neon's Cloud App or Self-Host it.

  2. Set up a project and add data.

  3. Get a Connection string. You can obtain it connection string from the Connection Details widget on the Neon Dashboard: select a branch, a role, and the database you want to connect to and a connection string will be constructed for you.

  4. From Windmill, add your connection string as a Postgresql resource and Execute queries.


Adding the connection string as a Postgres resource requires to parse it.

For example, for psql postgres://daniel:<password>, that would be:

"host": "",
"port": 5432,
"user": "daniel",
"dbname": "neondb",
"sslmode": "require",
"password": "<password>"

Where the sslmode should be "require" and Neon uses the default PostgreSQL port, 5432.