Open-source developer platform and workflow engine

Turn scripts into auto-generated UIs, APIs and cron jobs.
Compose them as workflows or data pipelines.
Build complex, data-intensive UIs with ease.

Write and deploy software 10x faster, and run it with the highest reliability and observabilty on the fastest self-hostable job orchestrator.
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Give your scripts Superpowers

Make your scripts production grade and build all of your internal tools with Python, Typescript, Go, Bash, Sql.
Compose your scripts as workflows using low-code.
Share an autogenerated UI or build one using low-code. Run it reliably at scale on your infra or ours, with permissioning and monitoring included. Fully open-source and easy to deploy on small and large infra. Any dependency with zero-config.



Code to production in minutes

Run long-running heavy background jobs, script with complex dependencies, endpoints with high rpm or simple one-off tasks without any overhead. Trigger them from a webhook or the auto-generated UI and monitor them easily.
Deno as the TypeScript runtime.

Slack messaging

Send message to a specific channel on Slack

See example ->

Create issue

Create an issue in a given GitHubrepository.

See example ->

Search documents in MongoDB

Selects documents in a MongoDB collection or view and returns a cursor to the selected documents

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Build complex flows without complexity

Build complex Flows from atomic scripts, either from your workspace or the Hub.
Sequence scripts from your workspace, the Hub or write them directly.

Hacker News mentions

Whenever an Hacker News message contains a mention, publish it to Slack with NLTK sentiment analysed.

See example ->

Expense report internal workflow

When new expenses are uploaded to Google Drive, extract text using Tesseract and notify on Slack.

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Fetch, translate and upload articles

Retrieve articles from Zendesk , use a for loop to translate each one with OpenAI and store the embeddings in a Airtabledatabase.

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The fastest workflow engine

10 long running tasks40 lightweight tasks



Build super fast and powerful apps using drag-and-drop

Build your own UI. Simply drag and drop components, connect your data and deploy your app in minutes.
Simply drag and drop components, connect your data and deploy your app in minutes.

E-Commerce Back-Office

Build a comprehensive CRM to monitor your products, customers and orders data hosted on Supabase .

See example ->

MongoDB Admin

Admin panel for the sample Customers dataset of MongoDB Cloud

See example ->

Issue tracker

Create an Issue Tracker App with Supabase in 15 Minutes

See example ->


We have a growing list of integrations with third party services available on the Hub.
Connect your apps and services to automate your workflows.

Enterprise-ready platform

Leverage enterprise features, 24/7 support, guidance and advanced infrastructure.

State of the art tech stack that you can read and contribute to.

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Easy to self-host and deploy on bare EC2 instances, kubernetes and even fargate.

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Audit Logs

See all past executions, and find the root cause of mishaps quickly.

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Define visibility, edit rights and executability for your scripts, resources, schedules, etc, using groups, folders and user-level granular permissioning.

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