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Statistic card

The statistic card component is a panel meant to display a value and progress.

The following section details Statistic card component's specific settings. For more details on the App Editor, check the dedicated documentation or the App Editor Quickstart:

Statistic card configuration

TitlestringtruefalseTitleThe title displayed within component.
ValuestringtruefalseValueThe actual value displayed by the component (in particular, can be a number, with currency etc.)
Progressnumbertruefalse0The progress, in %. Green when positive, red when negative.


Mediastring: Image, IconfalsefalseImageThe picture that will be displayed.
(If Media = "Image") Sourcestringtruefalse/logo.svgThe source of the image: can also be a downloaded image.
(If Media = "Image") Source Kindstring: url, png encoded as base64, jpeg encoded as base64, svg encoded as base64truefalseurlKind of source that is used.
(If Media = "Icon") IconstringtruefalsenullThe icon that will be displayed.