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Download Button

The download button component allows you to download a file.

The data source of the Download button must be a data URL scheme with a Base64 encoded string:

The following section details Download Button component's specific settings. For more details on the App Editor, check the dedicated documentation or the App Editor Quickstart:

Download Button configuration

sourcestring or FiletruefalseThe source of the file to download (data URL scheme with a Base64 encoded string).
filenamestringtruefalseThe name of the file to download.
labelstringtruefalsePress meThe button label.
colorblue, red, dark, light, green, grayfalsefalseblueThe button color.
sizexs, sm, md , lg, xlfalsefalsesmThe button size.
Fill containerbooleanfalsefalsefalseWhether the button should fill the container.
disabledbooleanfalsefalsefalseWhether the button should be disabled.
Before IconstringfalsefalseUndefinedThe icon to display before the label.
After IconstringfalsefalseUndefinedThe icon to display after the label.