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S3 File upload

The S3 file upload component allows you to upload files to an S3 bucket.


The following section details S3 File upload component's specific settings. For more details on the App Editor, check the dedicated documentation or the App Editor Quickstart:



The S3 File Upload component offers the following interactions:

  • Files are uploaded in chunks to the S3 bucket. The component emits the file path in the S3 bucket upon completion of the upload.
  • The upload can be canceled by clicking on the 'Cancel' button.
  • All uploads can be canceled simultaneously by clicking on the 'Cancel All' button.
  • After completing all uploads, more files can be uploaded by clicking on the 'Upload More' button.
  • Uploaded files can be deleted by clicking on the 'Delete' button.


resourceS3 ResourcetruefalseIt defaults to the workspace S3 resource if it exists.The S3 resource to use to upload the file.
Accepted File Typesarrayfalsefalse"image/*" ; "application/pdf"The types of files you accept to be submitted.
Allow MultiplebooleanfalsefalsefalseIf allowed, the user will be able to select more than one file
TextstringfalsefalseDrag and drop files or click to select themThe text displayed on the file input.
Path templatestringfalsefalse${}The path template to use to upload the file.


resultArrayAn array containing the paths of the uploaded files.
loadingbooleanThe loading state of the S3 file upload component.