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Resource Select

The Resource Select component allows you to have users pick resources from your Windmill workspace to interact with integrations.

Resource Select

The following section details Resource Select component's specific settings. For more details on the App Editor, check the dedicated documentation or the App Editor Quickstart:

Resource Select configuration

Items Namestringtruefalse"bar"The name of each suggested resource.
ItemsresourcetruefalseThe Windmill resource.
PlaceholdervariablefalsefalseThe variable that will be displayed by default.
Full WidthbooleanfalsefalsetrueSet the width of the options popup to 100% of the select width.
DisabledbooleanfalsefalsefalseThe state of the resource select.


resultstringThe selected resource (in $res: format).

Connecting Runnables Inputs to Resources

Apps are executed on behalf of publishers and by default cannot access viewer's resources.

If the resource passed here as a reference does not come from a static Resource Select component (which will be whitelisted by the auto-generated policy), you need to toggle "Resources from users allowed".

The toggle "Static resource select only / Resources from users allowed" can be found for each runnable input when the source is an eval.

Static resource select only / Resources from users allowed

Event handler

The resource select component has the following event handler:

  • onSelect: Trigger one or more runnables when the user selects a resource.