Open-source developer platform and workflow engine

Turn scripts into auto-generated UIs, APIs and cron jobs.
Compose them as workflows or data pipelines.
Build complex, data-intensive apps with ease.

Write and deploy software 10x faster, and run it with the highest reliability and observability on the fastest self-hostable job orchestrator.
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Give your scripts Superpowers

Make your scripts production grade and build all of your internal tools with Python, TypeScript, Go, PHP, Bash, Sql.
Compose your scripts as workflows using low-code.
Share an autogenerated UI or build one using low-code. Run it reliably at scale on your infra or ours, with permissioning and monitoring included. Fully open-source and easy to deploy on small and large infra. Any dependency with zero-config.

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Build complex flows without complexity
Build complex Flows from atomic scripts, either from your workspace or the Hub.
Incorporate Windmill into any workflow with our 100+ integrations or build your own directly in the platform.
Enterprise-ready platform
Leverage enterprise features, 24/7 support, guidance and advanced infrastructure.

State of the art tech stack that you can read and contribute to.

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Easy to self-host

Easy to self-host and deploy on bare EC2 instances, kubernetes and even fargate.

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Audit Logs

See all past executions, and find the root cause of mishaps quickly.

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Define visibility, edit rights and executability for your scripts, resources, schedules, etc, using groups, folders and user-level granular permissioning.

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Our workers are horizontally scalable, we scale from 0 to infinity to power all your internal services.

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It only require a connection to the internet if you use Hub scripts, otherwise it’s air-gapped and autonomous.

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Entreprise software that developers love.

Windmill quickly became crucial at Photoroom. We self-hosted Windmill Enterprise Edition to run a large number of internal scripts and business-critical automations. Windmill made chatops and iterations over scripts incredibly easy. It proved very reliable for running and monitoring workloads at scale. On top of that, their support is incredibly fast.

Currently, we employ 9 apps, 20 flows, and 63 scripts in our daily operations. They all serve as the foundation for essential tasks, allowing users to independently manage their activities according to their specific needs.

Bloom Credit uses Windmill to automate back office and support tasks, and orchestrate their ELT process. It is rapidly becoming a foundational technology in our SaaS control plane. The Windmill team have been great partners; they are responsive to support inquiries and new feature requests and are truly invested in our success with the platform.

Windmill has been able to cover all of our needs in terms of ETL & workflow orchestration and observability. We use Windmill to manage entirely our playground and complex billing engine. They made it simple to build, schedule, and monitor script & flows. The platform offers a clear DX for code editing, permission management and error handling.

At Deluxebase, we use Windmill to automate and streamline business processes, analyse figures, and synchronise data between our ERP and external services. Having everything in one place has greatly improved the efficiency of our team. The Windmill team are incredibly responsive, providing excellent support, feature request implementations, and almost instant bug fixes for the few we’ve come across!

Jim Hudson

IT Coordinator @ Deluxebase

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