Turn scripts into workflows and UIs in minutes

Easily create internal apps and invincible workflows with code only where it matters.
Self-hostable worker infrastructure: scalable, reliable, fast.
Fully Open-source alternative to Airplane, Superblocks & Retool.

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Windmill infrastructure

Give your scripts Superpowers

Make your scripts production grade and build all of your internal tools with Python, Typescript, Go, Bash, Sql. Compose your scripts as workflows using low-code.
Share an autogenerated UI or build one using low-code. Run it reliably at scale on your infra or ours, with permissioning and monitoring included. Fully open-source and easy to deploy on small and large infra. Any dependency with zero-config.

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No overhead, scalable, self-hostable FaaS

Run long-running heavy background jobs, script with complex dependencies, endpoints with high rpm or simple one-off tasks without any overhead. Trigger them from a webhook or the auto-generated UI and monitor them easily.
Deno as the typescript runtime.


Workflow engine on-par with Airflow/Temporal

Build complex Flows from atomic scripts, either from your workspace or the Hub.
Write scripts in Typescript, Python, Go and Bash or use scripts from the hub


Easy to use WYSIWYG app editor

Build your own UI. Simply drag and drop components, connect your data and deploy your app in minutes.
Simply drag and drop components, connect your data and deploy your app in minutes.


We have a growing list of integrations with third party services available on the Hub. Connect your apps and services to automate your workflows.

Enterprise-ready platform

Deploy faster, build invincible and reliable workflows in an enterprise-grade platform.

State of the art tech stack that you can read and contribute to.

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Easy to self-host and deploy on bare EC2 instances, kubernetes and even fargate.

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Audit Logs

See all past executions, and find the root cause of mishaps quickly.

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Define visibility, edit rights and executability for your scripts, resources, schedules, etc, using groups, folders and user-level granular permissioning.


Our workers are horizontally scalable, we scale from 0 to infinity to power all your internal services.


It only require a connection to the internet if you use Hub scripts, otherwise it’s air-gapped and autonomous.

Build endpoints, workflows & ETLs, UIs with code only where it matters

Get started building your internal tool in under 10 minutes