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For loops

For loops is a special type of steps that allows you to iterate over a list of items, given by an iterator expression.

Clicking on the For loop step on the mini-map, it will open the For loop step editor. There are 4 configuration options:

  • Iterator expression: the JS expression that will be evaluated to get the list of items to iterate over. You can also connect with a previous result that contain several items, it will iterate over all of them.
  • Skip failure: if set to true, the loop will continue to the next item even if the current item failed.
  • Run in parallel: if set to true, all iterations will be run in parallel.
  • Parallelism: assign a given number of parallel branches to control huge for-loops.

For loop step

Steps within the flow can use both the iteration index and value. For example in ["Paris", "Lausanne", "Lille"], for iteration index "1", "Lausanne" is the value.

Iter value & index