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Error Handling in Flows

There are four ways to handle errors in Windmill flows: retries, error handlers, and early stop/break.

Error Handler

The Error Handler is a special flow step that is executed when an error occurs within a flow.

If defined, the error handler will take as input the result of the step that errored (which has its error in the 'error field').


Steps within a flow can be retried a specified number of times and at a defined frequency in case of an error.

Example of a flow step giving error if random number = 0 and re-trying 5 times

Early Stop / Break

The Early Stop/Break feature allows you to define a predicate expression that determines whether the flow should stop early at the end or before a step.

Custom Timeout for Step

For each step can be defined a timeout. If the execution takes longer than the time limit, the execution of the step will be interrupted.

Error Handling in Windmill

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