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Script Kinds

You can attach additional functionalities to Scripts by specializing them into specific Script kinds.

From the Settings of a script, the "Metadata" tab lets you define the following Script kinds:


Actions - or Common Scripts - are the basic building blocks for the flows.

Trigger Scripts

These are used as the first step in Flows, most commonly with an internal state and a schedule to watch for changes on a external system, and compare it to the previously saved state. If there are changes,it triggers the rest of the flow, i.e. subsequent Scripts.

Approval Scripts

Suspend a flow until it's approved. An Approval Script will interact with the Windmill API using any of the Windmill clients to retrieve a secret approval URL and resume/cancel endpoints. Most common scenario for Approval Scripts is to send an external notification with an URL that can be used to resume or cancel a flow.

Error Handlers

Handle errors for Flows after all retries attempts have been exhausted. If it does not return an exception itself, the Flow is considered to be "recovered" and will have a success status. So in most cases, you will have to rethrow an error to have it be listed as a failed flow.