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Listing resources

The wmill resource list command is used to list all resources in the remote workspace.

wmill resource

Pushing a resource

The wmill resource push command is used to push a local resource, overriding any existing remote versions.

wmill resource push <file_path> <remote_path>


file_pathThe path to the resource file to push.
remote_pathThe remote path where the resource should be pushed.

Resource specification

We support both JSON and YAML files. The structure of the file is as follows:

value: <value>
description: <description>
resource_type: <resource_type>
is_oauth: <is_oauth>
"value": "<value>",
"description": "<description>",
"resource_type": "<resource_type>",
"is_oauth": "<is_oauth>"
  • value (required): Represents the actual content or value of the resource.
  • description (optional): A string providing additional information or a description of the resource.
  • resource_type (required): A resource type
  • is_oauth (optional, deprecated): This property is deprecated and should not be used.

See the resource types section for a list of supported resource types.