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React App Import

Although Windmill provides a comprehensive App editor to turn scripts and workflows into custom UIs, you might want to import your own Apps in React.

React & Windmill

If you're looking for a way to:

Apps in React must follow a template found at In short:

  1. git clone the react template repo.
  2. Run npm install and npm run build.
  3. Drag and drop the result in Windmill:
    • From your workspace, click on the dropdown menu next to + App.
    • Pick Import app in React/Vue/Svelte.
    • Drag and drop the file.

Import in React/Vue/Svelte

The template configures Vite to build IIFE bundle as an output and then import that bundle directly.

For development, at least set a valid user token in .env.development or in .env.development.local:

VITE_TOKEN = your_token;

Once deployed on Windmill, the token will be set automatically.

Similar for the user and email, they will be passed in the global context.


Do not change tailwind.css, it is the exact same than Windmill and allow you to have the same look and feel in development and once deployed as an app on Windmill.