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Building a Discord bot has never been easier

· 2 min read
Faton Ramadani

For developers working with Discord bots, Windmill's new Early Return feature is a practical solution to a common challenge: ensuring your bot responds quickly to commands, especially when dealing with complex workflows.

Windmill Discord

The Challenge with Discord Bots

Discord requires bots to respond to commands within 3 seconds, which can be limiting when your bot needs to execute multiple steps.

Early Return

Windmill recently introduced a new feature called Early Return, which allows a flow to return at a given step synchronously, while the rest of the flow continues to execute asynchronously.

Early Return
Learn how to use Early Return to build a Discord bot.

How early return helps

Immediate Response

When a Discord command triggers a Windmill workflow, the flow quickly processes the first step and returns a response to Discord.

Background Workflow Continuation

The rest of the workflow is then handled asynchronously, allowing your flow to complete more complex tasks without being constrained by the initial response time.


For example, let's say you want to build a bot that broadcasts a message to other services like Slack, Email, and SMS. You can use Windmill to build a workflow that sends the message to each service in parallel, and then returns a response to Discord once the messages have been sent.

Bot example

We've recently updated our blog post on the knowledge-based bot to include the implementation of the new Early Return feature. You can read about the update here!

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You can self-host Windmill using a docker compose up, or go with the cloud app.