APIs, workflows and UIs with Stripe Windmill

APIs, workflows and UIs with Stripe

Create workflows, data pipelines, endpoints or admin panels that interact with Stripe.

Stripe is a software specializing in online payment processing systems.

Connecting Windmill to Stripe takes a few seconds and lets you build internal tools from it and integrate with any other platform.

From scripts supported in multiple languages, build UIs and flows that you can monitor and trigger on demand, by schedule or webhooks.


Scripts for Stripe

Write any script, flow or app targeting Stripe API, or pick them from Windmill Hub community library. Windmill supports scripts in TypeScript, Python, Go, Bash and SQL.

Update a Customer

Updates the specified customer by setting the values of the parameters passed.

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Create a Payout

Send funds to your own bank account.

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Retrieve Invoice Line Item

Retrieve a single line item on an invoice.

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Get Recently Added Customers

Trigger script to get the newly created customers.

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List Balance History

Returns the last 100 transactions that have contributed to the Stripe account balance.

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Create a Refund

Creating a new refund will refund a charge that has previously been created but not yet refunded.

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